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We are collecting many reviews of online slots so that we can choose and play the best slot machines. Learn how to play for real money at an online casino before you start playing.


Best Rated Slot Casinos 2021

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  • Min deposit C$10


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  • C$3,000 Spread Over 30 Weeks
  • Minimum deposit amount is C$10

Finding and playing the best slots online

People think that slots can be considered as one of the most exciting forms of entertainment that people can encounter at all kinds of casinos. They are extremely simple to employ in their most basic form; people must simply choose the amount of cash that they would like to bet, and press the main button to start moving the reels. No other actions are necessary. If a correct combination is obtained, a certain reward is going to be handed out. If not, maybe the next spin will bring better luck.

However, recently slot machines have introduced interesting new twists to its gameplay, offering new alternatives for winning. At the same time, new features are rolled out all the time: improved graphics, new themes, side games, and much more. All of this is designed in a way that playing these forms of entertainment will never become a monotonous experience for players. This article will explain some of the most important aspects that people who want to play slot machines in online casinos will encounter.

Variations of slot machines

Best Slots

Slots started in land-based casinos as those big and bulky games with tons of internal mechanical components. People inserted a few coins, pulled the lever, and simply watched and waited to see how the reels would line up and see if an eventual prize would come from this. Obviously there are no mechanical parts in online casinos. However, there are some really good classic slots that reproduce in an excellent manner the unique thrill and expectation that those machines produced.

However, as will be seen in the following sections, classic slots are no longer the only option that people can enjoy at online casinos. More and more games are rolled out all the time, introducing new features and new winning combinations.

Free slots

Unlike real-life casinos, where it is necessary to insert coins or a card for playing, some online casinos are currently offering the choice of playing some of its games for free. Obviously, no rewards in the form of real money will come out of these forms of entertainment. Instead, they are intended for other purposes. One of them is to allow people who could be interested in signing up to a given portal to try out the services and games that they can offer to the public.

The other key reason for which these games are implemented is to simply allow those who already have an account in a given casino to try out new games, or have some fun without any kind of risk at all. It should be stressed that not every online casino out there offers games in this form, yet, it is still a great gesture that people seem to appreciate. All money or coins that are displayed on screen are completely fictional, meaning that there is no cost in playing these games, but at the same time there is no real reward that will come out from them.

Vegas Slots

Normally, the algorithm that slot machines of virtual casinos execute to determine if a player wins or not is not part of the game itself. Instead, when the player hits the Play button, the game will get the outcome from a central source that feeds other slots with their respective results. Normally the player doesn’t perceive the difference if this source is a central one that feeds all games, or if it is included in the game itself.

In Vegas slots, the random number generator, also known as RNG, which is part of the algorithm that determines if a given play results in a win or not is contained in the game itself, meaning that the slot machine doesn’t have to consult other source to find the result that the player will eventually see displayed on screen.

Slots played with real money

Probably these are the most famous types of slot machines, and therefore the most simple to understand. In a virtual casino, players add a certain amount of cash to their balance, and then use a part of it to spin the machine for executing a play. This amount of money is removed from the overall balance, no matter the final outcome.

If the player loses, the money is lost. If the player wins, the corresponding amount of money will be added to his account, and later he will be able eventually to cash it out.

Video slots

Video slots have the advantage of having a lot of flexibility for introducing new features. Many of them include side games, where everything goes crazy and the player seems to see his winnings grow out of control. Another advantage is that many of these machines feature licenses from real brands and trademarks, such as new TV series, movies, and more.

Jackpot slots

Jackpot slots are different. In these kinds of games different slot machines are connected between each other. All bets made by all players who play in a group of games contribute to the global jackpot, regardless if those bets result in a winning outcome or not. This jackpot can grow to five or even six figures, and at some moment, a lucky player will hit a winning combination and obtain this huge reward completely.

Why are slot game guides beneficial?

Despite the fundamental randomness that govern slot machines, there are still strategies that players can apply to maximize his winning chances or minimize his losses. Considering the thousands of different slot machines that can be encountered, there are equally thousands of different ways to win. Guides are beneficial in the way that they can orient the players towards the type of slot machine that makes them feel more comfortable to play.

Exploring some of the most famous developers of slot machine games

Developing slot machines is no easy task. There are many aspects that must be carefully controlled in order to offer an entertaining, but at the same time secure and potentially rewarding experience. For this reason, there are some important studios that are especially well-known in this realm.

Obviously, some people might prefer one brand over another. However, this is a matter of personal preference and not an objective fact, as the four aforementioned names, plus many others, have proven their reliability and ability to offer exciting and rewarding games during the years. Let’s examine a few of them more deeply.



This is probably the most famous name in the entire industry. Casinos that feature slot machines created by microgaming are capable of guaranteeing a fantastic experience overall, with games that offer beautiful graphics, easy gameplay, and most importantly, huge winning odds.

The studio has many interesting aspects. It was founded in 1994, and currently its most famous game is the Mega Moolah. In fact, this very game has the record of paying the largest jackpot to an extremely lucky player who in 2009 earned an impressive prize of $6 million.



NetEnt is one of the very few studios that is capable of challenging Microgaming face to face. During recent years many new casinos have opted for NetEnt as one of their most important providers. It has the milestone of being the first studio to develop Java-based games. More recently, it was one of the first studios to move completely to HTML5, which, for people who might not know, it is the current standard for graphics intensive sites such as YouTube, online casinos, and more.

Some of the most popular games created by NetEnt include Gonzo’s Quest and Starbust, who have also rewarded people with 5 or 6 figure prizes during these years. Overall, this studio also guarantees quality and fun.



PlayTech is a newer studio. One of the features that seem to be most appreciated about the studio by players and portals is the high number of pay lines overall. Most games feature between 15 and 25 of them. Another point that has made PlayTech different from other names in this industry is that the player instead of purchasing coins with the cash that they have added to their casino balance, they wager directly with their money, meaning that they are more in control with their finances, and the overall rewards seem to be far more attractive.

Is it possible to play mobile slots in Canada?

Yes, there are many online casinos that feature slot machines, among other forms of entertainment, that are totally accessible for Canadian citizens through mobile devices. Regardless if a client is attempting to find a desktop or an online portal, the recommendations are the same. People must pay attention not only if the portal offers interesting games or not. It is fundamental to be aware about the security aspect of the portal.

Mobile casinos can be accessible through official apps that people can download, and/or mobile websites. In the first case, some casinos have created their own app mostly for Android and iOS devices. It is necessary to see which games are available through those platforms, as sometimes the availability of games in mobile gadgets can be more limited when compared to what is offered through the desktop sites.

On the other hand, mobile websites are what most online casinos offer nowadays. They have the advantage of being compatible with an even wider range of devices than the apps. This means that people who have a smartphone or a tablet working with a system other than Android or iOS can be able to use those sites. Obviously, users of those two systems can enjoy these webpages as well.

How are online slots reviewed?

There are many items that are taken into consideration when determining whether a particular slot machine is good or not. This is not simply limited to how large the prizes are. There are many other factors that should be part of the reviews made by prospective customers who intend to make use of these forms of entertainment. A few of these factors will be discussed throughout this section.


This depends on the casino that offers the game, but also on the game itself. First, online casinos may give welcome bonuses, and also reward constant visitors to the portal. They can come in the form of free spins, or direct cash that can be used to play in the game.

Speaking about the bonuses in the game itself, some of them might give bonus spins for players suffering a particularly bad streak. Also, there are side games that are triggered when the player hits a certain combination. This can also provide huge bonuses that are eventually translated into large prizes.

RTP and Variance

These are more technical terms. RTP stands for Return To Player. This corresponds to a percentage, usually higher than 90%, but never equaling or exceeding 100%. This number represents the percentage of the total money added by all the players in a particular slot machine, who is eventually returned in prizes to all players who played in that game.

However, this parameter says nothing about individual prizes given. For example, a group of players may have played $100 in total, and one of them obtained a reward of $95. Another group of players also played $100, one player obtained $5 as a reward, another got $40, and another got $50. In both examples the total prizes are $95, which would give an RTP to this particular game of 95%.

Overall gameplay

Slot machines are pretty simple in concept. However, this doesn’t mean that they have to be boring. In this extremely competitive market, studios are constantly coming up with new ideas to make the experience of playing in their games more interesting and with more fun, such as new themes, new ways of winning, and more.

Mobile optimization

Right now most studios create their games thinking in mobile devices primarily, as the number of users of those platforms increases every day. However, it must also be stressed that the compatibility of a given game with tablets or smartphones also depends on the casino that offers its games. In some instances, the game might be perfectly compatible with mobiles, but the portal might not.

Jackpot value

Every player would like to obtain an absurdly large prize. For this reason, the larger the jackpot that a game can offer, the better. However, in certain cases the amount does not depend completely on a particular game, instead it depends on the group of games at which this slot machine is part of, or the casino that offers the game.

Software used by slot sites

As previously mentioned, there are some studios that have become quite famous as reliable and trustworthy slot machine developers. However, more competitive companies are appearing every day. It is important that these companies ensure compatibility with the latest technologies, such as HTML5 for example, which is being taken as the main graphics standards in the Internet, as most sites are ditching Adobe Flash.

What are the best slot sites with low wagers?

The casinos that can potentially provide the highest rewards for the smallest cost basically change every day, meaning that it is up to the customers to browse the Internet in search of the cheapest option.

Is it possible to play online free slots?

It is absolutely possible, but not all portals offer this option. Some casinos offer this possibility as a manner to try the services before eventually signing up, but also as a way for existing customers to try new games and practice their plays before playing for real money. Obviously, playing slots for free will not bring any real money prize.

Payment methods that can be used in slot machines

This aspect is something that doesn’t depend on the slot machines themselves. This is something purely set by the casino which houses the game. For example, two casinos might have the exact same game, but they can have totally different methods for making a deposit and cashing out prizes. Still, some of the methods that are available in the majority of online portals include:

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Bank transfers
  • Digital wallets, such as PayPal, Neteller, Skrill or PaysafeCard

Some casinos have even introduced cryptocurrency support. However, these are for the moment available in a limited capacity.

Final conclusions about slot machines

Slot machines are a highly exciting form of entertainment available in virtually all online casinos. They continue to attract millions of players from all over the world because of their simplicity, and the potential high rewards that they can provide.

However, things are not as simple as they might look. There are a few aspects that clients should take into consideration before making a registration in an online casino that has slot machines. There are different forms, different ways of winning, only certain payment methods are allowed, and other variations that give each slot machine and each portal its own set of advantages and disadvantages. There are thousands of different slot machines, for this reason, players are encouraged to take a few minutes to study how the forms of entertainment offered by a particular portal work, so they can enjoy the best possible gambling experience.


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How slot machines work?

In a short answer, in slot machines people must choose an amount of money that they want to wager. After that, they press a button that makes the reels spin. There are a few winning combinations that can make the player earn a prize, and in most of them arranging equal symbols horizontally is not the only of those combinations anymore. This depends on the actual game that they are playing.

What is the legal status of slot machines in Canada?

Slot machines are completely allowed to operate in Canada, as long as they are housed by a casino that has obtained the necessary permissions.

What are progressive jackpot slots?

Progressive jackpots slots are a bunch of slot machines grouped together. All wagers made by all players who play in those games contribute into the general jackpot. At some moment, a lucky player might hit and win the jackpot. Many extremely lucky individuals have cashed out 6 or even 7 figure prizes in this type of form of entertainment.

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