Reviewing Zeus Slots

Zeus probably is the most famous of all Greek gods. In the mythology of this civilization it was the god above all other gods. In practical terms, this means that if a company has decided to put this name to one of its games, probably it should offer prizes worth Zeus’ attention.


Zeus Slots

Slots Zeus

This review will examine what this game, centered around Ancient Greece, has to offer to all people who would like to give it a try. And no, no cheats will be mentioned throughout this article.

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  • 25% reload bonus up to 50 C$
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  • C$3,000 Spread Over 30 Weeks
  • Minimum deposit amount is C$10

Introducing the game

The bonus aspect of Zeus is pretty interesting. There is a temple symbol that might appear from time. If a player in a given round manages to obtain three or more temples, he will get 50 free spins that will start to work immediately. Not only that, because also a spectacular 3x multiplier will be applied immediately to the earnings obtained at that moment.

This particular feature has made some extremely lucky individuals to claim prizes worth thousands of dollars, meaning that Zeus can be an attractive option for rookie and advanced clients. In general, after pressing the button to start spinning the reels, everything is set for a wide range of scenarios to occur.

Trying Zeus for free

Zeus has become a quite attractive game for many portals, and for this reason, many companies that have decided to offer it as a trial game too, besides obviously allowing people to try to play it for real money. This can be considered as a quite wise decision, considering the fascination produced by Greek mythology.

Playing Zeus for real cash

Those who would like to go for the big leagues have certainly made a great choice. Zeus slots offers 5 reels and 30 paylines, this gives a lot of potential winning combinations. Remember, nowadays lining up equal symbols horizontally is not the only winning combination anymore.

Furthermore, this game features a medium volatility, and also, the wagers range between 0.30 coins until 150, giving a wide range of options that can make different kinds of bettors comfortable when playing this form of entertainment.

Examining the Payouts

Zeus currently has a very high RTP of 95.97%. However, this number doesn’t really come as a surprise for too many people. It should be considered that the maximum winning jackpot that the game can provide right now is equivalent to 75.000 coins. Taking into account that the maximum bet is 150 coins, the winning that can be earned is 300 times the initial wager amount.

These impressive numbers have made Zeus one of the favorite games for slot gamblers in the entire world. The fact that it has a high RTP, plus the high payouts, has made it especially popular with people who are more new to this realm.

Who is responsible for the development of Zeus?

WMS is the gaming studio responsible for the creation of Zeus. This company is well known in the industry for creating great atmospheres in the games that it creates. But obviously, in the market of slot machines, having good visuals is not enough. Instead, offering a great winning experience is essential for attracting people and making sure that they want to obtain even more from this form of entertainment.

Zeus mobile

Zeus slots is a game that works perfectly in mobile gadgets. Whether it is tried in an app that people can download or in a mobile website through the instant play method, the game is robust enough to work in virtually any kind of implementation and casino. This provides a great deal of flexibility to the different portals that offer it, as some games don’t work too well in one of these mobile platforms from time to time. But this is clearly not Zeus’ case.

Playing Zeus responsibly

As always, people really need to keep their gambling behavior within reasonable limits. This doesn’t apply to Zeus or any other slot machine, this applies to every form of entertainment being offered nowadays by virtual or land-based casinos. There are many help lines that people can contact in case someone is experiencing some sort of betting addiction.


Ancient Greece and Greek Mythology are fascinating topics. When taking these two aspects for being combined with a rewarding slot machine, the only possible outcome is an extremely positive one. Millions of people around the world have tried Zeus slots in land-based and online casinos. The reason for this fascination with the game is mostly due to its large number of winning combinations, high RTP, and a potentially high maximum prize. All of this has made this form of entertainment a true leader in the market.


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Is it possible to win with Zeus?

There are many available symbols scattered throughout the game that players should put their attention on. Obviously they revolve around greek mythology. The following list will mention a few of them:

  • Greek vase
  • Thunderbolt
  • Laurel leaves
  • Acropolis
  • Zeus himself

Zeus is probably the most important of all of them, and it couldn’t really be different. This is essentially a bonus symbol that can take the place of any other, increasing the overall winning chances.

What are the most important symbols at Zeus?

Most of the symbols will have mayan golden masks, pyramids, animals and plants. However, what really matters is the Jungle Wild logo. If it is arranged correctly, it will trigger all sorts of games and extra winning opportunities.

Welcome Bonus

Up to C$3000 Welcome Bonus