Reviewing Pharaohs Way Slots

It is an excellent choice for those tired of switching between numerous slots because Pharaoh's Way isn't just one game; it is a collection of unique spin-the-reel experiences. Thanks to its unprecedented level concept and progression system feature, the venue with an 8-year experience never gets old.


Pharaohs Way Slots

Slots Pharaohs Way
  • 8 worlds with exclusive content to open
  • 63 different locations and game types
  • 840 levels, the number of which is constantly growing
  • Main themes: Egypt, Aztec, Ancient Rome, and others
  • First appearance: 2012

Best Rated Slot Casinos 2021


  • Match Bonus up to C$300
  • Min deposit C$10


  • 25% reload bonus up to 50 C$
  • Enjoy 100 free spins for C$50


  • C$3,000 Spread Over 30 Weeks
  • Minimum deposit amount is C$10

Game Rules of Pharaoh's Way

Punters can download and install the game on any of their devices within a few minutes (for free and no login is required). Afterward, it will introduce the magical way of the Pharaoh, which will launch the endless adventure.

It will begin with the River of Life world, which consists of 6 locations — a new one for every 10 levels. The very first game is a 5-reel classic video slot called The Tomb of Enhom-Te, which will quickly introduce gamers to diamonds ­ the local experience points.

Players gain them for taking part in different activities — by hitting the gem symbol, competing in tournaments, and participating in challenges. Even every single spin will grant the gamer with a diamond or two, which makes the entertainment a win-win. The High-Roller mode is locked at first, and it needs 8 corresponding symbols to be found before it becomes accessible.

All the bets are made with the virtual credit coins, the amount of which is enormous at first, but it is still preferable for newbies to spend them wisely as some fun entertainments require decent sums. Credits are mainly received by hitting the pay lines but not only. In addition, the Lucky Spin wheel is offering the user to roll it, and lucky ones will get up to 130,000 of the local currency. Eager punters can refill their wallet by buying boost packages, which will also advance their VIP status.

In-game Rewards

Everybody is winning in Pharaoh's Way as bonuses are hidden everywhere. Punters can benefit by simply inviting their friends to join them. Also, some special symbols offer an opportunity to choose between the red or black cards, depending on the player's choice, and then, a streak begins (with a 50% chance). Choosing 2 cards of the same color in a row will double all winnings, and it can be staked up to 5 times.

Extra gambling options are pretty common here along with wheels, and tournament users can also get an offer to spin the reels for exclusive rewards completely for free by hitting the rare pay line (risk-free).

Free Chips to Spin Pharaoh’s Way

Credits can be claimed every day and even several times during the day (the timer is located in the bottom left corner of the interface). The Lucky Spin mini-game is another great chance to fund the account. There is a total of 16 pockets in the roulette, with bonuses ranging from 26,000 to 130,000 coins.

In case one has lost the collected wealth, the amount of free credits is more than enough to return to gaming. Also, it can be used to play top-level games that are available for every newcomer for 20 minutes. That is plenty of time to double or even triple the value of virtual coins.

Real-Money Gambling on the Web

As for now, there are no options for money gambling, as the only way to involve cash is to buy virtual goods within the casino. The currency that is used for wagering here isn't real; thus, there are no options for withdrawals.

However, while the wheel of luck is sometimes available for free, players can speed the timer up for real money. The in-app purchases offer the following packages:

  • 1 Extra Spin — $4.99
  • 3 Extra Spins — $9.99
  • 7 Extra Spins — $19.99

Making contributions with real cash is appreciated by the software developer; thus, players receive boosts for their VIP rank. Consequently, a bunch of benefits is acquired by the account (they include special slots, progression multipliers, bigger bank capacity, and others).

Percentage of Payouts

Other than in land-based gambling machines, where the payouts are limited by 90-95%, Pharaoh's Way provides extremely high payouts. It is hard to determine a single number as the product consists of more than 60 different games, which have various reel settings and pay lines.

Players are also diversifying the betting experience as they unlock worlds that lead to the appearance of new symbols affecting the payout rate. Those who have already tried this title will confirm the high win rate with full confidence.

Access on Smartphones and Tablets

This product is mainly targeted at the iOS and Android audience; hence, the software can be downloaded via Google Play and Apple App Store.

Pharaoh's Way has really low system requirements, which can be met by almost any humble smartphone or tablet. Even low-end devices will support all the offered features — smooth gaming, astonishing graphics, decent sound effects, and immersive music.

Secrets and Tactics to Win

Searching through the web in order to find a 100% victory strategy will lead players to a bunch of articles and guide videos. However, there is no precise approach that will lead a newcomer to a constant win streak.

As the main ideas of video slots are randomness and luck, they are also the vital goals, which the developers strive to achieve.


Meeting ancient Egyptian gods like Anubis, making a fortune, and diving into a thrilling gaming experience are all possible in Pharaoh's Way. It is an ultimate solution for those who are looking for diversity that will never bore them.

There is no doubt that this game is a must-have app on any smartphone, which will constantly bring luck and pure fun for its owner.


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There are many available symbols scattered throughout the game that players should put their attention on. Obviously they revolve around greek mythology. The following list will mention a few of them:

  • Greek vase
  • Thunderbolt
  • Laurel leaves
  • Acropolis
  • Zeus himself

Zeus is probably the most important of all of them, and it couldn’t really be different. This is essentially a bonus symbol that can take the place of any other, increasing the overall winning chances.

What are the most important symbols at Zeus?

Most of the symbols will have mayan golden masks, pyramids, animals and plants. However, what really matters is the Jungle Wild logo. If it is arranged correctly, it will trigger all sorts of games and extra winning opportunities.

Welcome Bonus

Up to C$3000 Welcome Bonus