Reviewing Kitty Glitter Slots

Kitty Glitter is a website that provides exclusively slot machines provided by the IGT developer, which is a highly respected company in this realm. As the name of the portal might suggest, this platform probably will be highly adored by cat lovers.


Kitty Glitter Slots

Slots Kitty Glitter

As the name of the portal also suggests, this portal is made up solely by slot machines, meaning that it will not be possible to find other forms of entertainment that people tend to find in other virtual casinos. This review will examine Kitty Glitter in detail, and will discuss some of the aspects that have attracted many people to sign up at this place.

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Slot games available at Kitty Glitter

There are two things that people who sign up at Kitty Glitter should consider. First, all forms of entertainment offered at this place are 5-reels which feature 30 paylines. This is an interesting combination that is capable of promising a good deal of rewards to players who employ the services of this portal. On the other hand, the hundreds of games available at this portal have been created by IGT, which is a highly respected company in the online casino industry.

Obviously, most of the games have cat themes. However, don’t be fooled by the cute appearance of the games, because some big and wild prizes have been claimed by a lot of players, and many more will have fantastic luck when playing at this place.

There is an interesting feature available at Kitty Glitter which is not offered by too many portals out there, which is an auto-play function. Depending on the amount of free spins available, and the total cash in the balance of the player, and the amount that he would like to wager in a single play, gamblers may set up between 10 and 50 auto spins, meaning that they can spin the slots all these times without the need to be in front of the screen all the time. This is a great feature that is especially helpful for those who want to get a chance to win, but don’t have all the time that is necessary to be playing in this portal.

Does Kitty Glitter provide any kind of bonus?

Yes, there are some bonuses that this portal provides to some lucky players. The most likely one to be encountered at some moment corresponds to the instant x2 multiplier, which doubles the prize so far obtained by a player. Also, a slot machine can give further free spins as a bonus, which is a nice incentive to continue playing and stay engaged in this place.

What about free games?

Kitty Glitter also has a nice free game portfolio. They can be employed by potential customers who want to try the casino before eventually signing up, but also by those who are already able to make their own login but would like to have some risk-free fun.

Obviously, no real prize is handed out by playing these free slots. However, the fun experienced thanks to this mode is still very genuine, and it is a feature that not all casinos out there offer nowadays.

What can be said about the payouts?

The main metric to measure the payouts given by a casino to its customers is the RTP, which is the total amount of money given to all players, divided by the total amount of money that they wagered. Many sources report that the RTP at Kitty Glitter is equal to 94.92%, which can be considered as a middle value; not the best but not too low either.

However, it is not unheard of that some clients have obtained 4 or 5 figure prizes, meaning that in general it is a good idea to continue playing at this place and try to see what the probabilities can give.

What can be said about slots developed by IGT?

IGT is a highly respected company in the online casino business. It has developed slot machines and table games for hundreds of different portals. However, nobody would argue that their specialty corresponds to 5-reel slot machines, which feature fantastic graphics and an attractive and engaging gameplay.

The forms of entertainment developed by IGT usually include a lot of pay lines, which in general decreases the probability that the game will feel monotonous or repetitive at some moment, as there are many alternatives for winning prizes.

Kitty Glitter mobile

There is no official Kitty Glitter application to download into any mobile operating system. Instead, users of mobile gadgets who want to try the experience and services provided by this portal must employ the mobile website.

Unfortunately this site is not as good as the desktop counterpart. In general what IGT creates in terms of forms of entertainment work great in many types of mobile gadgets. This means that Kitty Glitter for mobile platforms, at this moment, is not that friendly with these types of gadgets. It is essential that Kitty Glitter tackles this issue as soon as possible.

What does Kitty Glitter offers in terms of responsible gambling

At the moment that this article was written, it was not possible to find any feature that would encourage online gambling. This means that there are no gambling limits, and much less a self-exclusion feature.

Final conclusions

Kitty Glitter has attempted a different approach when compared to other casinos in the industry. Obviously, the name of the portal is enough to understand that this is a fluffy and cute approach, where players feel overloaded with adorable cats that seem to jump out of the screen.

Despite the adorable appearance, Kitty Glitter can be a very attractive choice. It has high-quality games created by IGT, which can be played with real money or in a free mode. However, there is much to improve in the mobile realm. Here the casino still works, but there are other platforms that are more attractive and functional for people who want to play 5-reel slots from a smartphone or a tablet.


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Is it possible to win at Kitty Glitter slots?

Of course. As said in the article, the portal has an RTP of 94.92%. While it is not the highest in the market, it is not the lowest either, giving some good chances for winning.

What are the symbols that Kitty Glitter players should know?

There are four main symbols featured at Kitty Glitter. They include:

  • Persian Cat
  • Orange Tabby cat
  • Siamese cat
  • Calico cat

Other symbols are scattered throughout the slots too, such as diamonds, numbers, coins, and more.

Welcome Bonus

Up to C$3000 Welcome Bonus