Reviewing Jurassic Park Slots

When companies try to come up with new ideas to implement in their slot games, one that appears frequently is to get the license of an established franchise. There are tons of TV series, movies and other forms of media that have made their appearances in slot machines.


Jurassic Park Slots

Slots Jurassic Park

Nobody could dispute the fact that Jurassic Park is probably one of the most famous franchises in the entire cinema industry, and for this reason, Microgaming has decided to make a deal with the creators of this trademark in order to implement its own slot machine flavor to be employed in many casinos around. This review will discuss if this bet has worked or not. Ready to go into this exciting and amazing adventure?

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No reason to be terrified

The movies of this saga can make a lot of people feel afraid. However, in the case of this slot game, the proper sensation is not fear, but amazement. This starts with the fact that there are 243 pay lines in total, and yes that’s not a typo, this big number of paylines that this game is capable of offering is out of scale of the expectations that many people might have. Also, the theme of this game, including the visual and sound effects make this game really fantastic.

Other than that, the game is pretty standard, there are 3 rows and 5 reels. All of this is contained within an atmosphere that produces fascination and the desire to play more.

Bonus games that are part of Jurassic Park

The bonuses are an essential part of this game. Probably the most famous of these instances is the so-called “T-Rex Alert” moment. The triggering of this apparition is done on a totally random basis, meaning that there is no arrangement of symbols or a particular combination that makes this scary beast to appear on the screen.

When this moment starts, people can get 35 extra wilds, which take part in the 6 next spins. It is necessary to pay special attention to reels 4 and 5, as this is the place where the t-rex is most likely to appear. This is another exciting aspect of the overall gameplay present here.

Playing free slots in Jurassic Park

If a player manages to hit 3 mosquito fossils, then he will be in luck, because they will basically scatter the symbols present in the machine, and as an extra bonus, will hand out 12 extra spins.

Overall, while the free spins are not the strongest point of this game, it still offers some interesting chances of winning, so players are recommended to always pay attention to what appears in every corner of their screens.

Trying Jurassic Park slots with real money

Now going into serious business, those who would like to gamble real cash in Jurassic Park, and get the help of some dinosaurs to win, should already be aware of the aforementioned 243 included paylines that any player can take advantage of.

This is a huge number of opportunities to win. Obviously, no game can guarantee a prize to any player. However, what they can do is to show a bunch of statistics that help them to prove that they are a better option when compared to some competitors.

How do the payouts look like in Jurassic Park

The main parameter that can be used to answer this question is the RTP. Right now this metric stands at 96.67% in the case of Jurassic Park Slots. This is a high number in the total spectrum, meaning that players get an overall high chance of obtaining some sort of award.

Microgaming’s role

Microgaming is the company behind Jurassic Park Slots. Considering the popularity of this franchise, it should be said that Microgaming hit its own jackpot when creating this high-quality rendition of this game.

The company is one of the top in this realm, and this place has been rightfully claimed. Some of the best slot machines in the entire online casino industry have been developed by this studio, and offer fantastic winning opportunities, amazing graphics and tons of fun.

How does Jurassic Park work on mobile devices?

The development and recent updates that this game has received have been created with mobile compatibility in mind. No matter if it is employed by an app that was necessary to download or through a mobile website on instant play or flash mode, Jurassic Park promises the same gaming experience that users of desktop computers and land-based casino visitors can claim, making this game a very reliable alternative.

Responsible gambling

A it is always said, the games have very little to do in the implementation of responsible gambling features. Sure, most casinos nowadays offer some sort of characteristic of this kind, such as a self-limiting or even self-exclusion function, but at the end of the day, it is the player’s responsibility and of his family and closest ones to make sure that their loved one is not suffering any kind of disorder that could make him wager out of control.


The move that Microgaming did to get the rights to develop Jurassic Park slots was certainly a smart one. This franchise is extremely popular, and the company did a great job of turning this amazing trademark into something that could be interacted with through a slot machine.

What should not be forgotten is the almost 97% RTP, which is one of the highest in the entire market, and ultimately means that players have a large chance of obtaining some sort of prize. If someone wants to find a game that can give better probabilities than others, Jurassic Park is certainly a good option.


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Is there any chance of winning with Jurassic Park Slots?

Of course there are chances. For doing this players must perform a registration in a casino that features this form of entertainment. There are a lot of names that have it, so finding the most suitable will be an easy task.

What are the most important Jurassic Park symbols?

Below there will be a list detailing some of the most important symbols that players must take into account when pressing the play button at Jurassic Park:

  • Scatter word
  • Wild word
  • Dinosaurs like the Velociraptor, Triceratops or Tyrannosaurus Rex
  • Characters of the movie like Dr John Hammond, Dr Ian Malcolm or Dr Alan Grant
  • Jurassic Park logo in various colors
  • Mosquito fossil

Players should pay particular attention to the logo and the fossil, as their appearance in a round might trigger some interesting new twists.

Welcome Bonus

Up to C$3000 Welcome Bonus