Reviewing Jungle Wild Slots

Jungle Wild slots is another interesting proposal aimed at players who, obviously, love to experience the thrill and obtain potential rewards from playing some interesting slot machines.


Jungle Wild Slots

Slots Jungl Wild

All forms of entertainment included at this place have five spinning reels and 30 pay lines. As the name implies, it features themes revolving mostly around nature, animals and fauna, which gives a special atmosphere and vibe to this place. This review will discuss some of the features and services that people can enjoy from this place.

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  • Match Bonus up to C$300
  • Min deposit C$10


  • 25% reload bonus up to 50 C$
  • Enjoy 100 free spins for C$50


  • C$3,000 Spread Over 30 Weeks
  • Minimum deposit amount is C$10

Some interesting features about Jungle Wild

There is a wide range of bets that people can make at this machine. The allowed amounts are between 0.30 and 90 dollars. Obviously the size of the rewards are proportional to the initial bets, meaning that players must balance between how big is the risk that they are willing to take, and how much they would like to win. Also, pay attention to the attractive jackpot.

Side or bonus games at Jungle Wild

There are a few interesting bonus games that can be triggered under certain conditions. In order to maximize the probabilities of starting these side games, people are recommended to always play with the maximum amount of paylines, which are 30. In this case, the game can deliver up to 300 times what they wagered in the first place.

Of course this approach is the riskiest one, and it is understandable that some players would like to opt for a safer manner to play. In this case, there is a Bonus Mystery Kicker. When this condition is met in the game, and players start to play in it, people can multiply their potential earnings by 2, 5 or 10 times.

Playing Jungle Wild in free mode

For those who want to know the game a bit more before engaging in some serious betting, there is a free mode where players don’t risk any cash at all, they only play with fictitious coins. This is perfect when trying to learn more about the game, or simply when someone wants to have a bit of fun without putting any amount of money at risk.

Betting real money in Jungle Wild

When finally someone decides to play real money and take a riskier (but potentially rewarding) experience, clients can choose to wager between 0.30 and 90 dollars. Even if the total amount in the balance is higher than 90 dollars, it will not be possible to wager more in a single play. Once the gambler has decided to go ahead with his play, the following steps should be followed:

  • Make sure that the balance has at least 0.30 dollars to make at least the minimum wager
  • Select the amount that the player wants to wager in his play
  • Press the play button to start spinning the reels
  • Hope that the symbols will line up properly!

Obviously, in any slot game there is not much to do after pressing the play button. However, it is always a good idea to keep an eye in case one of the side games is triggered, because if this happens, players face the possibility of earning hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Jungle Wild Payouts

The current RTP at Jungle Wild is approximately 92.1%, which is not the best number. In general, everything with 90% or lower is considered extremely slow. However, Jungle Wild is not a repetitive experience at all. The game has sufficient paylines, side games, and overall possibilities to always find new chances to win.

More about WMS

This is not the only game created by the studio. In general, most of the largest online casinos existing nowadays feature at least a few games from this studio, meaning that they can be considered reliable and trustworthy.

Jungle Wild Slots on tablets and smartphones

This adventure can be played on mobile devices. Some casinos offer it through official applications that people can download for Android and iOS, while others do so from their mobile sites. In any case, Jungle Wild works great in both kinds of platforms, and doesn’t require any kind of super expensive gadget to execute it properly.

Responsible Gambling at Jungle Wild

For now, Jungle Wild doesn’t have any in-built responsible gambling feature. Any characteristic of this kind is usually offered by the casinos which host the game.

Closing Remarks

Jungle Wild is an interesting game created by WMS. It features a lot of side games, free instances, and winning possibilities and stakes overall. The studio has also worked great in offering a visually attractive experience, provided by the amazing graphics which feature themes about animals, flora, and fauna.

The only downside might be the slightly lower than average RTP. At 92.1%, there are many games that pay more than Jungle Wild. However, they might not be so attractive or visually appealing.



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Is it possible to win at Jungle Wild?

Absolutely. The game in certain occasions can trigger a 300x multiplier that can provide really huge prizes. Many people have chased out four figure prizes, making it a very attractive choice.

What symbols are important in Jungle Wild?

Most of the symbols will have mayan golden masks, pyramids, animals and plants. However, what really matters is the Jungle Wild logo. If it is arranged correctly, it will trigger all sorts of games and extra winning opportunities.

Welcome Bonus

Up to C$3000 Welcome Bonus