Some information about responsible gambling

Nowadays people are overwhelmed with tons of advertisements and invitations to participate in an online or land based casino. However, many people are unable to keep their behavior under control and within limits and incur in all sorts of problems that can lead to an addition.


Helping gamblers with problems

This can result in all sorts of negative consequences that can affect not only the player, but also his family and loved ones too. This article will detail some important information that people should take into account about this problem, alongside some advice to face and solve these problems.

The first step that a person with this kind of issue must undertake is to recognize that he is facing a problem. It doesn’t matter how much help someone is offered if this person doesn’t understand that he is having an issue in the first place. Once this fundamental step has been taken, there are a number of tools and ways that can give help to the person in need, some of them include:

  • Counseling
  • Medications
  • Self help groups

In Canada there are a number of initiatives at municipal and provincial level that are aimed at helping players with these kinds of problems. Do not hesitate in contacting them if you or someone you know has a compulsive gambling disorder.

Symptoms and diagnosis

The symptoms of this disorder are pretty straightforward. For example, some people can’t stop thinking about gambling and how they will get money for their next games. On other occasions, they want to increase the amounts that they gamble, because the current ones do not produce the same level of emotion anymore.

At the level of family and professional relations there are other occurrences that also warrant attention. For example, gamblers can isolate themselves to concentrate exclusively in their practices. Also, they might lose relations and professional opportunities for not being able to stop. In the most extreme cases, people even might resort to theft or other life threatening or unsafe actions to cover their gambling expenses.

There are several methods that can be employed for diagnosing the compulsive gambling disorder. For example, a doctor might ask questions about gambling habits, not only to the affected person, but also to friends and family. This might go alongside a full psychiatric assessment.

Overcoming compulsive gambling

The good news is that it is totally possible to overcome this kind of addiction. However, it will not be an easy process. The most important aspect is to recognize the problem, and never lose sight of the main goal, which is to stop gambling altogether.

The treatment will include things such as medications, behavioral or cognitive therapy, and also self-help groups. It is always advisable to ask a professional which kind of treatment is better for a given case, as every person is different, and therefore, their situations are different as well.

Responsible gambling in Canada

It is essential to understand that not all efforts are put in solving the problem, but also in preventing it from appearing in the first place. For example, some laws have been introduced to forbid the advertisement of casinos, also, obtaining a license for operating legally in the country is extremely difficult, meaning that the number of establishments is lower than the amount that can be found in other countries. In general, it is essential to create awareness.

How to get assistance in Canada?

As previously said, Canada has implemented a number of initiatives to assist people who are experiencing a gambling addiction. For example, there are many helplines available 24/7, where people can get immediate assistance. People can call without any kind of fear, as all the information is treated in an absolutely confidential manner.

In the same realm, there are other helplines that help to find mental health services, which are also confidential and will be able to help anybody 24/7. Summarizing, in Canada it is always possible to get assistance. However, no help can be provided if the affected person or some relative or friend doesn’t request this assistance in the first place.

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