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This website has some of the most respected and most knowledgeable people in the realm of casino games on the entire Internet.


Meet our team

Our staff is made up of people who have spent years playing, gambling and experiencing land-based and online casinos, and have learned a lot about the ways that people can use for their advantage in order to win in the different games.

Of course every piece of advice that will be encountered in this place is for winning in a transparent manner. We don’t support or encourage any kind of cheating or similar behavior. Our mission is that everybody who wants to become involved in the world of online casinos can do so by getting a proper understanding of what they can expect when signing up at one of these portals.

Our team

The team of people who work at this website are individuals from different backgrounds. Some are into teaching, others are into economics and accounting, among other aspects. What we want to emphasize with this is that they are common people, as everybody else who visits this website. They are people who, while experienced and knowledgeable in this realm, have a common goal of sharing the knowledge that they have gathered during all these years, in order to help people who are new to this industry. The core values that guide our work at this site include:

  • Transparency
  • Objectivity
  • Neutrality

They say that knowledge is power, and this is especially true in the industry of online casinos. In order to give the winning power to the clients of online casinos, it is essential that they know what they are facing in the first place. It is equally important that they are not told what to think about a particular game or a portal, instead, the mission of this portal is to provide them with the necessary information that they can use to draw their own conclusions, and therefore, decide what is best for their interest.

What do we do at this place?

There are many important tasks that the team at this website do. Each review that a visitor reads is only the tip of the iceberg that is the massive work that is done in the background. Each article takes hours to research, take the relevant information, and then put it together in an article that is understandable and provides the essential details.

The process starts with the identification of a particular casino or game. Once the subject of an article has been identified, the research begins, which obviously includes the team actually trying the feature, portal or form of entertainment. Already hundreds, if not thousands of slots, table games, live casinos and other forms of entertainment have been already tried. Later, they apply a given set of criteria that helps to evaluate and extract the most important information about what was tried. The information is eventually presented in a manner that is clear, concise and precise, meaning that even people who have never been in an online casino before will be able to understand the main ideas and concepts included in a review.

The experts who work at this place have years of experience not only playing and trying different games and features. They are also highly regarded thanks to the great casino reviews and opinions about the different services that they have written in many places around the entire Internet. This means that they already know how to leave their personal opinions aside, and deliver only objective information, which is the main goal of this place.


While the people at this place share most of the general views and ideas about how a game and casino performs and looks in the eyes of the user, the writers of the articles have all the freedom and space necessary for writing the reviews that represent their opinions and thoughts in the best possible manner.

Having said that, it is necessary to mention that ultimately, the authors of each article are solely responsible for the opinions written on their posts, and therefore, do not necessarily represent the thoughts, impressions and ideas of this portal as a whole.

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